A tormented soul offers a warning,
but will she listen before it is too late?
What is your story?
Rich visuals
Moving soundtracks
Art should tell a story,
and connect with people.
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Texas has more than just grit.



At RM Brand Productions, we are doing things a little different than other companies. There is conflict, a hero’s journey, adventure and romance across multiple genres. We have taken these themes, along with others, to produce the best sequences to bring your stories to life right out of the box.



Music is key to good visual storytelling. We use the best tracks from artists around the world to set the mood and drive the story.



A picture may be worth a thousand words, but we make sure it is the right words that come across. At RM Brand Production, we use the latest capturing technology to create powerful visuals to grab audiences. We also use stock resources from top artists and photographers to ensure the imagery is as rich as your story.



Audiences today are more sophisticated than ever. They want to experience a story, not just read it. With the proliferation of creative software and resources, there is a wealth of opportunity to share our stories in compelling and visually appealing ways. So let’s get started!


Priced To Fit Your Needs

Non-Exclusive Rights


You get the stunning visuals, the moving soundtrack and the right narrative for a fraction of the cost of a full production. By opting into non-exclusive rights, you can share your story on your website, your social media sites and YouTube  with your fans like the pros without breaking the bank. You get the benefits of a Hollywood-like teaser while visually telling your story for as low as $250.



If you need something specific or want to purchase the exclusive rights of a premade trailer, then consider going Exclusive. You will get custom design, motion graphics and production tailored to your story. Pricing will vary. Contact us today for a quote.
What is your story? Video production and design.
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